For The Business Consultant:

SMS offers the Business Consultant top-quality, professional, assessment tools that will help in 5 ways:  1) Make your business services more successful!  2) Develop more repeat business and more billable time!  3) Obtain new clients, and new business with your old clients!  4) Produce a consistently high income with no "feast or famine" cycle!  5) Build consultant work that will provide you a significant income, even when you take time off or retire!

I.  The Simmons Personal Survey:  Our emotional intelligence assessment instrument, has helped thousands of companies for over 28 years. With the Survey, the business consultant can hire top employees (for any job), develop current employees, increase productivity, increase teamwork, and decrease employee related costs!

The Survey is extremely valid, reliable, and produces no adverse impact.  After 28 years of daily use, our instruments have never resulted in a successful lawsuit against a company using the Survey!

II.  The Employee Feelings Inventory:  The EFI is similar to "Attitude Surveys" that you may be familiar with, except that the EFI also measures in great detail, the emotions of company employees.  Using the EFI, the business consultant can test the adequacy of 150 key organizational areas like: training, supervision, communication, relationships, working conditions, policies/procedures, pay, benefits, etc.  The EFI will help you to do comprehensive organizational studies and team-building, easily, effectively, and inexpensively.

Four Ways for the Business Consultant to Profit!

I.  Earn More Income From Selling Your Time!  Whatever your specialty is (e.g. selection, employee development, outplacement), the Survey and the Feelings Inventory can add to the effectiveness of the business consultant and can create more of a demand for your services at a very high professional fee.  Using SMS can also help you to offer new services to both your present and prospective clients.

II.  Earn Income From Selling SMS Products!  At the discretion of the business consultant, their clients can independently process the Survey repeatedly each month, and the Feelings Inventory every 6 months, providing automatic income.  The business consultant buys the Survey, automated reports, and Feelings Inventory from SMS at a wholesale price, which is easily 50% below the market price.

III.  Earn Bonus Income Based on Your Volume of Sales!  In addition to the mark-up income detailed above, the business consultant can receive a significant bonus income, based on personal monthly volume of sales.  The Performance Bonus is sent to the consultant after we have received full payment, on time.

IV.  Earn Optional Income from Networking with Other Consultants!  With our optional 3-level network plan, the business consultant can refer other consultants and receive a 10% bonus from their clients' monthly purchases.

Sign Up and Get Started!

If you want to become a Licensed Business Consultant with Simmons Management Systems, please E-mail your name, company name, business address, area code - phone number, and E-mail address to

All SMS Business Consultant candidates must be in business as an independent Business Consultant, Human Resource Consultant, or Professional Counselor, must possess reasonable skills, and must have a good reputation in their area of practice.  Once we have received your initial email, we will then E-mail you a set of Consultant materials on our products, pricing, and a Business Consultant Agreement.

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