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Career Problem:  Do you have a career problem that you want help with?  It can be very difficult to find a career that you like and that you can succeed at.  Most people change career areas at least 5 times during their lifetime, because they never find the job or career that is right for them.  People who have not chosen the right career, find that they do not want to come to work, aren't happy at work, and can't wait until they can leave.  Further, doing a job you don't like is stressful and can lead to poor health.

Career Advice:  Focus your career search, when you know the career that is best for you.  For nearly all jobs, Emotional Intelligence has been found to be more responsible for career enjoyment and success than any other factor, including IQ.  Our research has found that each person has a specific EI pattern, preparing them to enjoy and succeed in specific career areas, while not enjoying and not succeeding in others.

Our career test can help you to see what you are like on each of the 13 Emotional Intelligence scales and compare your EI pattern to 29 major career categories which represent every kind of career!  By matching your EI with your mental and physical skills, you can find a career that you can enjoy and succeed at.

More Career Advice:  If you are having a problem in your current career but do not wish to change careers, our career test can usually show you the problem you are having, what is causing the problem, and how to solve the problem.  Our career test provides some of the best career advice you can find anywhere!