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Social and Medical Scientists Have Proven That Emotional Intelligence is The Key to Your Success!

In the last 10 years, scientific studies by Medical Doctors and Psychologists have proved that emotional intelligence (our feelings and behavioral tendencies) are mostly responsible for successful personal relationships, academic success, job success, and for happiness!  Certain emotional intelligence patterns even lead to longer life!  By measuring your emotional intelligence on this site, and by following the recommendations, you can experience these benefits!

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SMS proudly presents  The Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook.  This beautiful, 17-Page, full color report is the most thorough and accurate emotional intelligence measurement in the world AND provides volumes of emotional intelligence information.  Based upon 28 years of research, the Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook has an unequaled 97% to 100% accuracy.  It can help you to Find Your Career - Succeed in Your Job - Improve Your Relationships.  Our instrument has also helped companies to Hire Top Employees - Develop Employees - Raise Productivity - Cut Employee Costs.
Cover Page Brief Overview Page Career Scores Page 13 In-Depth Pages

Instructions Page defines Emotional Intelligence and provides a Table of Contents for the report.

Shows 13 key Emotional Intelligence areas, with "Tendency", "Self-Concept", "What Others See", & "Variability".

Our 29 Career Categories represent all jobs in the world. You can easily see which jobs you fit best.

Compare yourself to any present or future job. Learn how to improve, & relate successfully to all others.

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Money Back Guarantee!  Since 1975, many thousands of people and companies have found this emotional intelligence information to be very accurate.  We sincerely believe that if you answer the questions honestly, your results will be accurate as well.  However, if you feel that your results are not accurate, we will refund the amount paid, minus a $10.00 fee to cover the cost of charging & crediting your card.

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Some Basic Emotional Intelligence Information


Since 1990, Clinical Psychologists, Organizational Psychologists, and Medical doctors have been proving that there are personal characteristics called emotional intelligence which are responsible for the ways we behave, how we feel, how we relate to others, how well we do at our jobs, & how healthy we are. 

Not knowing your emotional intelligence tendencies can result in being incompatible with other people, not being happy with your job, not succeeding at your job, & being physically unhealthy - with stress-related problems.

Knowing your emotional intelligence gives you the opportunity to position yourself to be with people you are naturally compatible with, & to seek out jobs that naturally fit you.  You can also understand what makes you incompatible with certain people or jobs & learn ways to deal with the natural difficulties. You can understand the specific things that cause you stress & learn ways to become more at peace.

Like standard intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EI) is a function of the brain.  IQ is made up of abilities such as math calculation, memory, vocabulary, word use, etc.  It involves primarily the neo cortex or top portion of the brain.

Emotional Intelligence is made up of emotional drives & behavioral tendencies that are motivated by feelings.  A few examples are optimism, work ethic, courage, consideration for others, & sociability.  Emotional Intelligence involves the lower & central emotional section of the brain - called the limbic system.

Research has shown that, in most cases, emotional intelligence is even more important to academic, job, & relationship performance than IQ (intellectual intelligence)!  While a few jobs (e.g. being a Brain Surgeon) do require high IQ, in most jobs, one can be very successful with average IQ - plus Emotional Intelligence tendencies that match their job.

Emotional Intelligence develops from 3 main causes (the 3 N's), Nature, Nurture, & Injury:

Nature:  Just as each person inherits certain physical attributes (size, hair color, etc.) from the genes of their parents, we are born with a specific pattern of emotional intelligence tendencies (sociability, positive outlook, etc.). We cannot be blamed for our basic tendencies or be given credit for them.

Nurture:  After birth, we are then further shaped by our direct experience, by what we have seen happen to others, through positive or negative consequences, the conclusions we draw, & the decisions we make. While we inherit emotional intelligence tendencies & are influenced from our environment, we do have the ability to choose what we will be!

Injury:  Our emotional intelligence is sometimes affected by physical injury from drugs, accidents, physical illness, diet & health habits.

The Simmons Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook is a computer-generated interpretation of the Simmons Personal Survey, an instrument which measures the 13 most important areas of emotional intelligence.

The Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook does not measure:  technical skills; specific knowledge; mental abilities; physical fitness; physical appearance; interest in a specific type of job; aspirations & career goals; environmental situations that improve or detract from performance.  To fully determine how well you will perform in a given environment, these other personal factors should be measured.

Recognize that everyone has emotional intelligence strengths, as well as traits and tendencies that get in their way. No one is perfect. Further, what is considered "good" will vary, depending upon the demands of the environment. A quality that is not good for one environment (e.g. strong demandingness in a worker) can be quite good in another environment (e.g. strong demandingness in the president of an organization).