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Hire the Best Employee!

Fact #1:  Your company must hire a productive employee most of the time to succeed. The best companies have the best employees: planning; deciding; selling; administrating; assembling; serving; etc.  Do you have and keep a top employee in most of your positions?

Fact #2:  According to the US Department of Labor, most companies that hire, using typical practices (interviewing, reference checking, etc.) hire a good employee only 50% of the time.  In your company, what percentage of the employees that you hire turn out to be a good employee?

Fact #3:  Poor employee productivity and turnover costs have caused many companies to close down, while others are seriously injured by these problems.  What costs does your company incur when they hire an employee who provides low productivity and quick turnover?

Solution:  Our employee assessment instrument, The Simmons Personal Survey, has helped thousands of companies for over 28 years to hire the best employee (for any job), to develop current employees, to increase productivity, and to decrease employee related costs!

Our instrument is extremely valid, reliable, and produces no adverse impact.  After 28 years of daily use, our instruments have never resulted in a successful lawsuit against a company using the Survey!