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Problem 1:  Is there someone you love that you have conflicts with. The conflicts have disappointed you, hurt you, and have caused you to enjoy the relationship less.  Perhaps as a result of the conflicts, your feelings of love for them has decreased.  Or, their feelings of love for you has decreased.

Despite conversation and sharing of both points of view, you still disagree.  You see it one way and the other person sees it very differently.  What you do irritates them and or what they do irritates you.

You probably have an Emotional Intelligence incompatibility. Our research has found that each person has a specific EI pattern, preparing them to enjoy and relate successfully with some people, while not enjoying and not relating successfully with others.

Solution:  Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been found to be more responsible for success in love and work relationships than any other factor. Our assessment instrument can show you each area of your emotional intelligence, show the types of people you are compatible with, show those you are not compatible with, where you are not compatible, and how you can develop compatibility.

Problem 2:  Do you find it hard to meet people or to establish successful, long term, enjoyable, love relationships.

Solution 2:  Your Emotional Intelligence (EI) traits may be getting in your way.  Traits like a negative attitude, low self-esteem, excessive self-esteem, shyness, indecision, impulsiveness, being pushy, anger, and many others have been found to prevent forming love relationships and to disrupt love relationships.  Measuring your emotional intelligence can show you what keeps you from love relationships and what to do about it.