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Does your relationship with someone else involve any of the following:  * harsh arguing, * criticism, * strong persistent disagreements, * inability to make important decisions, * a negative attitude, * personality conflicts, * anxiety, * depression, * loneliness, * lack of intimacy, * being pushy or controlling, * selfishness, * lack of loyalty, * low consideration for others, * anger, * cruelty?

These problems either destroy a relationship or at least rob it of happiness.  These problems are seldom solved by conversation, without some outside help.  To overcome this type of problem, you must know what is happening, what the cause is, understand yourself, understand the other person, and each know what to do about it.

Our assessment instrument the Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook can identify each of these problems and show you how to overcome them to develop compatibility.

The test results that we offer you are extremely powerful and can dramatically change your life.  They are based on 28 years of research, have been successfully used more than 250,000 times, and have an unequaled 100% accuracy!  You won't find any other test publishers able to make that statement!


The Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook
Cover Page Brief Overview Page Career Scores Page 13 In-Depth Pages

Instructions Page defines Emotional Intelligence and provides a Table of Contents for the report.

Shows 13 key Emotional Intelligence areas, with "Tendency", "Self-Concept", "What Others See", & "Variability".

Our 29 Career Categories represent all jobs in the world. You can easily see which jobs you fit best.

Compare yourself to any present or future job. Learn how to improve, & relate successfully to all others.

The Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook is a premium, professional-quality relationship counseling tool.  It took 28 years of constant research and development to reach its present level of quality and 100% accuracy.  Other tests may cost a few dollars less, but they are very unlikely to be as accurate and as helpful as our test is. Before you buy any other test, check their accuracy level.  If a test is not consistently accurate, it will only lead you in the wrong direction and waste your money.  The EI Success Workbook is normally sold by counselors and consultants for $99.00 but is available to you online for just $25.00.


Shopping on our site is 100% secure , totally confidential, and we give you a Full Money-Back Guarantee!  Take our test and get your results back by email, usually within 15 minutes.  We absolutely guarantee the quality and accuracy of our test!  If for any reason, you feel that you did not receive everything that you were expecting, simply email us at  and we will give you a complete refund.


EI Success Workbook

Normally $99.00

Yours online for $25.00

EI Success Workbook

Plus Our Book

Measuring Emotional Intelligence.

Our Book "Measuring Emotional Intelligence"


This book is the first to describe all 13 areas of emotional intelligence and to indicate how they can be measured, understood, and developed.  Measuring Emotional Intelligence is based upon the 26 years of research conducted on our emotional intelligence test - The Simmons Personal Survey.

You may select to receive our book "Measuring Emotional Intelligence" (for $16.50 plus shipping) which can provide additional help in applying the information you receive in the reports.

MEI Book

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