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SMS proudly presents  The Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook.  This beautiful, 17-Page, full color report is the most thorough and accurate way to measure emotional intelligence in the world!  Based upon 28 years of research, the EIW has an unequaled 97% to 100% accuracy.  It can help you to Find Your Career - Succeed in Your Job - Improve Your Relationships.  This emotional intelligence test has also helped companies to Hire Top Employees - Develop Employees - Raise Productivity - Cut Employee Costs.

Cover Page Brief Overview Page Career Scores Page 13 In-Depth Pages

Instructions Page defines Emotional Intelligence and provides a Table of Contents for the report.

Shows 13 key Emotional Intelligence areas, with "Tendency", "Self-Concept", "What Others See", & "Variability".

Our 29 Career Categories represent all jobs in the world. You can easily see which jobs you fit best.

Compare yourself to any present or future job. Learn how to improve, & relate successfully to all others.

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2.  The Simmons EQ Profile This emotional Intelligence test is designed to provide 5 pages of detailed emotional intelligence information compressed into a single printed page.  The 1-page design is advantageous for efficient emailing, faxing, mailing, printing, viewing, comparing several people, and for filing.

In the middle of the page, we give a detailed bar graph showing score levels from 0 to 100.  Text in the graph actually lets you read the score meaning next to the bar.  In the left column we describe emotional intelligence tendencies for each scale.  In the right column are recommendations to improve performance.

The EQ Profile makes a comparison of your scores to 32 different broad career categories, showing you where you are now, the direction your emotional intelligence best prepares you to head, and what you can do to help yourself get there.  Our instruction sheet lists specific jobs associated with the general norm ratings.

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3.  The Simmons EQ Insights:  A two-page emotional intelligence test that is very easy to understand.  For each emotional intelligence scale, we give a simple bar graph showing whether you are low "L", moderate "M", high "H", or very high "V" in the characteristic.  Next, emotional intelligence tendencies are described and general recommendations are given.

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4.   Our book "Measuring Emotional Intelligence"

This book is the first to describe all 13 areas of emotional intelligence and to indicate how to measure emotional intelligence.  Measuring Emotional Intelligence is based upon the 26 years of research conducted on our emotional intelligence test - The Simmons Personal Survey.

You may also select to receive our book "Measuring Emotional Intelligence" (for $16.50 plus shipping) which can provide additional help in applying the information you receive in the reports.


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Money Back Guarantee!  Since 1975, many thousands of people and companies have found our test to be a superior way to measure emotional intelligence.  We sincerely believe that if you answer the questions honestly, your results will be accurate as well.  However, if you feel that your results are not accurate, we will refund the amount paid, minus a $10.00 fee to cover the cost of charging & crediting your card.