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This site was developed to provide professional online counseling for personal, emotional, relational, and career issues.  Most online counseling sites charge you again and again for each new question you ask, gather very little information before giving advice, and do not leave you with information that will go on helping you.  If you want more help, you have to log on and pay again.

Our online counseling site evaluates your personal, emotional, relational, and career issues in one session, by in-depth testing.  The testing is totally confidential, non threatening, and only takes 20 to 30 minutes.  The 17 page individualized report you receive by email is extremely accurate, very thorough, and very helpful.

The online counseling report can help you find your ideal career, be more successful at (and enjoy) your job, improve your relationships, decrease stress, and increase happiness.  It can help you with your current issues AND provide help for future situations and relationships.

Money Back Guarantee!  Since 1975, many thousands of people and companies have found these results to be very accurate.  We sincerely believe that if you answer the questions honestly, your online counseling results will be accurate as well.  However, if you feel that your results are not accurate, we will refund the amount paid.

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