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Quality Control

Problem:  Quality control is impossible if your employees are intentionally destructive, accident-prone, excessively risk-taking, rebellious, argumentative, lazy, absent, unfocused, impulsive, disorganized, directionless, sick, tired, overly-stressed, negative, depressed, thoughtless, uncooperative, bored, irritable, constantly chatting and not concentrating, etc.

Be honest with yourself:  Can you really get people with these characteristics to follow your Quality Control Procedures?  No-one can.  The truth is: You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip;  You can't turn a pig's ear into a silk purse;  And you can't obtain quality control through people who do not have quality characteristics!

Solution:  Our quality control instrument will help you to hire productive employees who constantly strive to do quality work, and do not possess the above-mentioned negative characteristics.  Our quality control instrument will identify people who are energetic, active, non-stressed, stress-tolerant, positive, hard-working, careful, precise, safety-conscious, self-motivated, cooperative, thoughtful, loyal, honest, and who stay on task!

What about problem-producing employees that you already have?  We have found that most underachieving or destructive employees who are coached using our quality control instrument do make the necessary changes.  Further, a significant percentage of troubled employees, once coached, go on to perform above expectations!

Our quality control assessment instrument, The Simmons Personal Survey, has proven in thousands of companies for 28 years to help identify and hire top employees (for any job), to develop current employees, to increase productivity, and to decrease employee related costs!

Our instrument is extremely valid, reliable, and produces no adverse impact.  After 28 years of daily use, our instruments have never resulted in a successful lawsuit against a company using the Survey!