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Reduce Employee Turnover!

A supermarket chain was able to reduce employee turnover from 172% to 70% in just 18 months.

A very large metropolitan hospital found they could reduce employee turnover in its critical care nursing staff from 65% to 15% in 18 months!

A companyís deliís and bakeryís did reduce turnover of managers by 89% over a 3 year period, by using the Survey.

A large convenience store chain discovered a way to reduce employee turnover by 89.3% (from 171% to 19%), saving them approximately $92,686.25 per month and $1,112,235.00 per year!

Example: MAPCO Convenience Stores

 By using the Simmons Personal Survey in hiring for 4 months at MAPCO:

There was an 89.3% reduction in monthly employee turnover, saving from $42,417.50 to $92,686.25 per month!


By using the Survey for 4 months, MAPCO actually saved from $169,670.00 to $370,745.00!

There is a projected 89.3% reduction in annual turnover, from $509,010.00 to $1,112,235.00 per year!

The amount of money saved is 13.84 to 30.25 times the cost of the assessment service!

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