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Our Stress Test and its Stress Management Recommendations can help you:  1) Know your level of stress (ranging from too low, to moderate, to excessive).  2) See the specific ways that you are stressed.  3) Find the causes of your stress.  4) Learn how to stop stress, reduce stress, and how to do stress management.

Fact 1:  75% of the health problems presented to Medical Doctors in the United States are actually caused by emotional stress (statistic from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  Stress not only causes most health problems, it also destroys the body's ability to repair itself and to fight disease.  Our Stress Test, with Stress Management Recommendations, can help you to avoid these health problems!

Fact 2:  Even if your physical ailment was not caused by emotional stress (e.g. by a car accident, etc.), the speed and completeness of your recovery is limited by your emotional tendencies and can be improved by specific stress management techniques.   Click here to see detailed proof of these statements.

Do you want to solve specific stress-related, health problems?  Do you want to build your health to its fullest?  On the next page, you will find information on our Stress Test with Stress Management Recommendations.

No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!  Since 1975, hundreds of thousands of people have found these results to be very accurate and helpful.  However, if within 30 days, you feel that your Stress Test results are not accurate, or that they did not provide you a way to do stress management, we will refund the amount you paid.  Note that our total liability cannot exceed the cost of the test itself.

If you have any concerns at all about our company and its business practices, feel free to click the BBB logo at the top right of this page.  You will see a complete BBB report on our company.