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Our Team Building Assessment shows you both the strengths & problems in any work group!  Team Building recommendations then show you how to improve individual productivity, teamwork, team relationships, morale, and team productivity!  Unlike many team building interventions, our Team Building Assessment will help you in three different ways:

1)  First, our Team Building Assessment will help you to hire the best people for each team job.  This will provide you with people who are highly productive at their individual jobs AND who relate to others well!

2) Second, coach your present employees using our Team Building Assessment and its recommendations and you can help the employees you have hired to work harder, work smarter, be more productive, stay longer, handle stress and conflict, work as a team, cooperate with their leader, better serve customers, prepare to be a manager or executive (if desired), etc.

3) Third, our Team Building Assessment can spot specific incompatibilities between team members and provides recommendations on how to overcome these incompatibilities.

Our Team Building Assessment, The Simmons Personal Survey, has proven in thousands of companies for 28 years to help identify and hire top employees (for any job), to develop current employees, to increase productivity, to build teamwork, and to decrease employee related costs - including turnover.

Our instrument is extremely valid, reliable, and produces no adverse impact.  After 28 years of daily use, our instruments have never resulted in a successful lawsuit against a company using the Survey!  Go to our home page for complete information.