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Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Your Success!

In the last 10 years, scientific studies by Medical Doctors and Psychologists have proven that emotional intelligence (our feelings and behavioral tendencies) are largely responsible for successful personal relationships, academic success, job success, and for happiness!  Certain emotional intelligence patterns even lead to longer life!

On this site, we provide, free of charge, much emotional intelligence information.  We also offer a free basic emotional intelligence test.  However, by far, the most valuable thing we offer is the opportunity for you to thoroughly measure your emotional intelligence.  A moderate fee is charged for this service.

Our site proudly features The Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook.  This beautiful, 17-Page, full color report is the most thorough and accurate emotional intelligence measurement in the world!  Based upon 28 years of research, the Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook has an unequaled 97% to 100% accuracy.

The Emotional Intelligence Success Workbook can help you to Find Your Career - Succeed in Your Job - Improve Your Relationships and Improve your healthOur instrument has also helped companies to Hire Top Employees - Develop Employees - Raise Productivity and Cut Employee Costs.